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Fragrances and Descriptions


BBW = Bath & Body Works duplication
VS = Victoria's Secret duplication
Y = Yankee Candle duplication


Apple Blossom

A fruity floral blend making a light sweet floral scent.

Apple Cinnamon

A fruit spice blend having a top note of Apple.

Bartlett Pear (BBW)

Tart and juicy, this fragrance captures the irresistible flavor of crisp bartlett pears.

Basil Sage & Mint (BBW)

A refreshing blast of unique herbal fusion! These three green notes from mother nature’s garden combine beautifully to make a surprisingly wonderful fragrance

Black Amethyst (BBW)

A seductively layered, sophisticated blend of Italian bergamot and rare camellias with exotic sandalwood and a surprising twist of vetiver in this hypnotic fine fragrance inspired by chic, sensual and confident women. From the Wallflowers Collection - a BBW duplication.


Blissful Blackberry

Notes of blackberry, grape and cassis along with a soft floral note, with a base note of a spun sugar.


This is the true citronella that makes the mosquitoes bug off.

Clean Cotton - (Y)

A fresh clean cotton blossom type remeniscent of breeze-dried linens, with a subtle citrus top-note, a sweet floral apple-blossom, geranium middle-note and a soft amber, jasmine musk base-note.



Coastal Breeze

This is a wonderful and relaxing clean ozoney ocean type scent.


This scent is as refreshing as a ripe coconut on a desert island.

Coffee Crisp

A fresh brewed sweet coffee type with strong pronounced coffe top note rounded with cream and sugary middle notes, a soft milky, maple base note.


Yummy notes of orange and vanilla!






Creme Brulee

A coffee top note with a vanilla base giving a whipped cream base note.



Cucumber Melon - (BBW)

A sweet honeydew, cucumber melon type with top notes of crisp green cucumber, middle notes of vine ripened melon and sweet base notes of casava blossoms and earthy musk.


Farmer’s Market

Take a trip to your local farmers market for fresh apples, peaches, and raspberries. Mix with some fragrant magnolias, jasmine, rose, and lavender for a unique floral fruity aromatic scent.

French Vanilla

A roasted nut smelled blended with a vanilla - making a roasted but yet sweet vanilla scent.

Fresh & Clean

Super-clean and lemony fresh. Top notes of black currant, essential oil of lime, and lemon oil from Italy lead to a soapy, aldehydic midsection highlighted by rose, jasmine, pink grapefruit, and geranium, with violet, white musk, and soft woods notes in the drydown.


This beautiful and refreshing floral scent is reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom

Georgia Peach

This is a perfect fruit scent of peach not candied, just like splitting a juicy peach.

Ginger Peach

A Pier One duplication of Ginger Peach - A ginger spice base notes mixed with peaches.

Granny Smith Apples


Green Apple

Candied apple scent of a green apple Jolly Rancher

Green Tea & Cucumber (BBW)

This is a sensual blend of cool citrus and melon with a rich floral and a long lasting dry down of musk and cedar notes.

Hawaiian Paradise

A floral fruity scent with hints of plumeria and cantaloupe.


Honeysuckle is a potent sweet nectar floral fragrance, and will take you to the summer fields.


Hot Iced Cinnamon Buns

Cinammon undertone with a mix of vanilla and butter to sweeten.

Jamaica Me Crazy

A refreshing blend of tempting tropical fruits with a twist of citrus and a hint of coconut.

Jersey Shore

A fresh clean scent with floral top notes.

Kiwi Lime



A true stress reliever!




You’ll enjoy this citronella root mixed with a hint of green herbs for a therapeutic as well as pleasing aroma. A tangy fragrance for the true lemon lover!



Lime Margarita

A citrus collage featuring Mexican lime, with a splash of lemon, grapefruit and orange and a delicate, spicy, floral, minty background.

Love Spell - (VS)

A fresh fruity citrus fragrance with top notes of grapefruit, apple, strawberries and clementines, a middle note of peach, black currant and rose petals and a sweet white musky base note.

MacIntosh Apple

A crisp, juicy, sweet and sour Macintosh Apple fragrance.

Mocha Cappuccino


Pearberry (BBW)

A fresh sweet-green pear fragrance with nuances of ripe-raspberry, cranberries, and a touch of pineapple for tartness. The scent is supported by floral pear blossom middle notes and a soft white musky woody-twig base note.


Pina Colada

Coconut notes with just a light pineapple top note.



Raspberry Sorbet

A creamy blend of raspberry-melon and fresh pomegrante with a top note of cyclamen, orange tagette oil, a middle note of rose damascenia, apples and plums, a base note of jasmine, violet and caramelized sugar.

Rose Boquet

Absolutely like a bouquet of fresh roses.

Storm Watch - (Y)

This popular fragrance is difficult to describe. It is a unique, clean fragrance with subtle floral and spice undertones.

Summertime Fruit Salad

A citrus fragrance abundant with fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi.




Sun & Sand

A fresh-floral tropical breeze type reminiscent of summers at the beach with top notes of lemon, lime and rose middle   notes of tuberose and violet, and a soft muguet, sandalwood dry-out.  Will immediately remind you of Coppertone Suntan Lotion!   


Sweet Pea (BBW)

A green spring-fresh bouquet with a top note reminiscent of watery-green-leaves, lily of the valley, and summer melon and apple. The middle note is a floral medley of jasmine and rose with zesty blend of orange and lemon oils and a base note of white musk and vetiver.


To Die For Chocolate



A floral bouquet of orange blossom, ylang ylang & jasmine underlined by magnolia, lilies, coconut & cinnamon enhanced by a touch of wintergreen & vanilla.

Vanilla Bean


Walkin’ The Boards

A clean ozoney-fresh ocean breeze type with cyclamen, water lily top note a green seaweed and clover middle note and a warm woody driftwood base note.

White Ginger & Amber (BBW)

A delightful blend of musk and sandalwood with top notes of jasmine.


White Tea & Ginger  (BBW)


Wild Flowers